FlashDevelop vs. Flash Professional IDE

12 Aug

Well… I’ve been discussing this time numerous amount of times on GDR and I’m willing to just end this now.


FD vs. Flash Pro CS (5.5 is the current new version)



  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • In addition to the Flex SDK, it has a better compiler.
  • Auto-complete/additional assistance


  • Does not have a simple library.
  • Cannot be used to create a pre-made image.


Flash Professional CS5.5:

  • Also simple to use.
  • Library, in order to keep all images.
  • Can be used to make an image.
  • Has a ‘widget’ library that you can use to copypasta a pre-made class. (New update)


  • Worse compiler than FD+Flex
  • A worse auto-complete function
  • More space taken up


And there you have it. In terms of coding, FD seems to trump the Flash Pro IDE. However, in terms of graphics, it doesn’t stand up to Flash Pro.

I like to use FD to edit my code and Flash Pro CS4 (the version I use) to compile it and to use its library. The one downside to that is not being able to use the great compiler.


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