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A minor challenge…

16 Jul

Well, apparently ‘nadjatee1996’, a nonregular in GDR posted a minor challenge to create an idle game.
I decided to participate (despite the fact that it really doesn’t even matter).
The guidelines were as follows:

  • You must automatically get points (for just idling)
  • You must be able to stop playing the idle game whenever you wish (w/o leaving the page)
  • Ability to manually gain extra score (button for more xp)

Here is my entry:


Attack of the FPS monster.

27 Jun

I decided that since the normal “Gun Idea” game was somewhat boring due to lack of interactivity, that a buyable “FPS Mode” would do. Now the problem is that I would have to somehow get some sort of artist or some good art going on it, otherwise the game is literally doomed.

It's Alive!