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A minor challenge…

16 Jul

Well, apparently ‘nadjatee1996’, a nonregular in GDR posted a minor challenge to create an idle game.
I decided to participate (despite the fact that it really doesn’t even matter).
The guidelines were as follows:

  • You must automatically get points (for just idling)
  • You must be able to stop playing the idle game whenever you wish (w/o leaving the page)
  • Ability to manually gain extra score (button for more xp)

Here is my entry:


GIMP: A pretty kick-ass art software.

4 Jul

Since this is my blog, there is no reason to lie but in all my previous games (published at least), I never really had a set logo for “omazing games”… so before I published my current project, i decided to make one… but what software should I use?

So I decided to look around to the most popular choices of software. I stumbled across a pretty well-known software (pretty much designed for Linux users but it works perfectly fine on Windows!) called GIMP. It’s amazing, it’s free, and it has an incredibly vast amount of features. For those of you who don’t know what to compare it to, how about the better known “PhotoShop” or “Illustrator”. After you experience a 30-day free trial for each of those 2 previously mentioned, you either can just dump it and forget about it, or you can buy it… not for 100, 200, 300, or even 500. But around 600 for the latest version… at best.

If you were desperately wanting to purchase a legal copy of Illustrator or PhotoShop, eBay usually isn’t your guide (just people who got it for free, sometimes illegally, selling it for a giant profit).

Then you could look at GIMP. Unlike PhotoShop, you could make an image rather than have to doctor a previously created one. And guess what (even though I’ve already said this before…) It’s free.

“Yeah, but usually when something costs cheaper, it lacks in quality.” That may be true in other various instances, but not here… How? Because products like these, the ones designed for the Linux community, is by Linux users, for Linux users. Unlike how Windows OS users (and Mac OS X users especially), these products aren’t necessarily made for a profit, but for a community. Even if it doesn’t match your expectations (despite the fact that I honestly doubt that), here is a link that you should DEFINITELY try:

Hell, it’s better than using whatever “paint” program you are using.

Afterword, here is my logo, that I made with GIMP… in 1 minute.

I liek it

Gun Idea (Version 0.5.C)

22 Jun

Well, here it is. A good enough alpha to release.

Flame Cursor!

20 Jun

Dumpin’ a link! I haven’t solved the wordpress problem but… till then, enjoy the flame cursor. 😛

The Ghost of Games Past

20 Jun

I haven’t uploaded games to Kongregate in quite a while. (Mostly because I haven’t made a decent finished game in quite a while) but if you care to see all the hilarious yet stupid games I use to post, check out the link:

Kongregate Account- Omazing

Just click and go to “My Games” on the page.